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Health is a continuous journey throughout your life. Whether it is recovery, finding relief, prevention or maintenance, your health determines your quality of life and will have affects on your short and longterm future.  Achieving and maintaining good health is an active process, it's not just about taking one pill a day but it's about making lifestyle changes to benefit your mind, body, spirit and your loved ones. Combining her clinical skills and knowledge from both her Health Science and Chinese medicine studies, Samantha aims to take an East meets West integrative approach to provide the primary healthcare your body desires and to nurture your health.


Chinese Medicine incorporates natural modalities such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion and diet therapy with the aim to achieve a state of good health and wellbeing. It is a holistic healthcare system that primarily focuses on restoring and maintaining both balance and harmony of your mind, body and spirit. It also seeks to address the root cause of diseases or imbalances instead of just masking the symptoms and signs


Chinese medicine counteracts the notion of “one size fits all” through customisation of individual treatments and herbal prescriptions. It focuses on looking at an individual as a whole, taking into consideration your individual qualities, symptoms and signs as well as your environment to create a treatment catered specifically towards you.

Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years to manage conditions and symptoms associated with Women’s health, fertility and pregnancy, respiration, skin and mental health, acute or chronic pain, headaches or migraines, digestive issues, allergies, fatigue, insomnia, addictions and stress. It is also known to help with supporting the immune system and general wellbeing.

Whether you are looking to restore balance or prevent imbalance from occurring, let's see what we can offer you!



The practice of utilising fine needles to stimulate certain points along the body. Stimulation assists with alleviating pain; aids with internal functioning like digestion and respiration; strengthens weak immune or other organ functioning; detoxifies the body; and reawakens the body’s natural ability to rebalance itself into better health.


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