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In light of recent events, Holisticare has added telehealth as an option to support your health from the comfort of your own home while you are practising social distancing.

Why Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Imagine from the comfort of your home, getting a customised formula just for your specific needs. Each ingredient is chosen carefully, taking into consideration its function, dosage, interactions with other ingredients and the overall effect it should have on your body. You can choose to get herbs for a specific health condition, for strengthening your immunity, relieving cold and flu symptoms, or even just for general well-being. You should experience little to no side effects. You may feel less pain, less discomfort, stronger, more energised, uplifted, brighter and lighter from your herbal blend. 


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Telehealth Information

Consultations will be held on skype, zoom or phone.

(Patients will be able to choose their option)

Consultation and herb prices are listed below.

We acknowledge that you may be going through financial difficulty during this period so there are a few options to accommodate to you. If you feel like you really need some assistance but cannot afford this service, please still reach out to Holisticare and we can see how we can help you. 

Initial Consultations

1 hour extended initial : $90

30 minute initial : $45

Return Consultations:

30 minute extended return : $45

15 minute return : $25

Herbal Formulae

Granule herbal formula : $0.60 / 1g (about $15 per week)

Raw herbal formula: calculated by price per individual herb & dosage (about $15-20 per week)

Delivery: Clinic pickup or postage (at an extra fee which is weight dependant)

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